12 Books for Leaders & Aspiring Leaders (#7-9)

Last week I wrote the second of four posts introducing you to books four, five, and six of twelve that have made me a better leader and give balance to my life and leadership. Go here if you missed that article to get caught up. [Click Here] In addition to daily Bible reading, I am sharing a list of twelve books. Admittedly the list is not exhaustive, the books are not all literary classics, and the list is broadly alphabetical and not in priority order.

Do you desire to grow in your leadership? Do you want balance in your relationships as well as skill in your leadership? If so, here are books seven, eight, and nine:

  1. How to Win Friends and Influence People: by Dale Carnegie. This book has been in print for over seventy years and is a timeless classic. For those who lean toward any degree of introversion, this book is a “must.” You cannot lead from introversion. You must grow out of it. You will benefit no matter your temperament. Developing healthy relationships can make you more effective cross-generationally, cross-culturally, and in any environment in which you aspire to inspire others.
  2. John Adams: by David McCullough. I would guess that this may be the biggest surprise in my list. Why do I recommend it? McCullough does a masterful job of presenting accurate history as a drama. Here is a book where you can live the birth of the United States, while observing sacrifice, integrity, leadership, rivalry, relationships, love, loyalty, and faith. It is not a Christian book, but it is a great book for a Christian to read as well as anyone who aspires to greater leadership.
  3. The Purpose Driven Life: by Rick Warren. This would perhaps be the first book I would recommend if I were to list a priority order. The most excellent leader understands that he or she is not only body, emotions, and possessor of skills, but that they have a soul that must be nurtured. Understanding this dynamic can propel your leadership beyond your natural abilities. I consider myself living proof of that fact. Read it for yourself and you will see.

That’s three more books that will maximize your leadership. I have three more to go. Don’t miss next week.

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