12 Books for Leaders & Aspiring Leaders (#10-12)

Last week I wrote the third of four posts introducing you to book seven, eight, and nine of twelve that have made me a better leader and give balance to my life and leadership. Go here if you missed that article to get caught up.  [Click Here] In addition to daily Bible reading, I am sharing a list of twelve books. Admittedly the list is not exhaustive, the books are not all literary classics, and the list is broadly alphabetical and not in priority order.

Although this will conclude my list of twelve books I will have more to share in a couple of weeks. Be watching for my list of books that can help propel your leadership forward to keep you effective in the future.

Do you want balance in your relationships as well as skill in your leadership? If so, here are books ten, eleven, and twelve:

  1. The Strong-Willed Child: by James Dobson. The most important level of leadership you provide is in your home and perhaps the toughest is that to your own child that may be born with a temperament that has no intent on following the path you desire. The parent of a compliant child needs little to know instruction. The parent of a strong-willed child needs constant encouragement and intervention. What does this have to do with leadership? Anyone can lead those who are willing. The best leaders also inspire and influence those who are initially unwilling.
  2. Total Money Makeover: by Dave Ramsey. This book in my estimation is the best Money Management 101 resource you will ever find. The principles do work and my personal finances are a living testimony to what Ramsey teaches. This book was required reading for my daughters upon college graduation. No matter your age or life stage, this book will make you stronger. You will never be able to lead others if you cannot manage your own life and your personal finances are a great test of your abilities. If you can’t manage your own life, why would I want you speaking into mine?
  3. Why They Stay: by Steve R. Parr and Tom Crites. I stated transparently in the first of these four articles that I intended to include one of my own books. The research from this book profoundly impacted me personally and is touching lives everywhere. What is it that churches and parents can do to keep their children connected to the church into their adult lives? The book makes you a better parent, a better spouse, and yes, a better leader, particularly in your local church. Remember that my list is about “balance.” I unapologetically recommend it and here is why. As a leader, if I do not believe in what I do, then why should you? That last sentence is another subtle lesson in how to maximize your own leadership.

That’s three more books that will maximize your leadership. Stay tuned in a couple of weeks when I share a couple more that you need for future effectiveness.

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