Are You Setting The Tone?

Maximized Leadership: Are You Setting The Tone?

Be the person that you desire for your children to become.

Great advice for parents, don’t you think? You must model for your children the behaviors, attitudes, and values that you hold dear. What would you think of the parent that opted to write them on a list and post them on the refrigerator while behaving in a contrary manner? You can apply the same principle in a church. I have often been amused to see the lengthy church covenant posted on the church wall affirming the priority of taking the gospel to the lost just before preaching to an unenthusiastic congregation, that gives little to missions, and has no un-churched people present to hear the gospel. I assume that they can read but apparently the document has not made an impression. Likewise, I go to a different church the following week and see no church covenant posted. However, a passionate pastor has invited me to share with his congregation. The church is friendly, lively, worshipful, and loves good preaching (even mine). How could this be if the standards are not posted on the wall? Hang around the leaders for a while and you will discover why. They live with a committed and passionate attitude among their congregation week in and week out. It’s true that some things are better “caught than taught.”

Every family has a culture. Every church and every organization has a culture. Attitudes, values, and priorities vary and are as diverse as personalities possessed by individuals. Every church and every organization has a culture also. It is a corporate (or combined) mindset that guides attitudes and thinking. It is critical that a cultural tone is set that benefits the organization, the individuals in the organization, the customers of the organization, but most importantly that pleases the master of the organization. Yes, the master, the Lord Jesus Christ. Here is the question. Who bears responsibility for setting the cultural tone? I’ll say it begins with me because I am writing this post. However, for you to correctly answer the question, you must reply with; “It begins with  me.”  You may think that your role is not that influential and that you do not bear responsibility. However, you are the only person that you truly have control of. Don’t wait on someone else. Be the person that you desire for everyone in your organization to become. If everyone is determined to set the tone, the tone will indeed be appealing to members and the community alike.