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12 Books for Leaders & Aspiring Leaders


The Driver of a Sticky Faith


4 Keys to Maintaining a Good Attitude in Bad Circumstances


A Personal Note about 2018


A.Q. or I.Q- Which is most important to a leader?


Four Differences in Effective and Ineffective Leaders


Five Ways Weak Leaders Kill Momentum

[Lack of] Speed Kills


Three Ways Leaders Inadvertently Sabotage Organization

How to Make Any Event Evangelistic

Strategic Actions for Reaching the Next Generation

Involving an Entire Congregation in Reaching the Next Generation

A Good to Great Principle to Help Your Church Reach the Next Generation


The First Step a Church Takes to Reach The Next Generation


A Strategy for Reaching The Next Generation


More Thinks to Consider Before Firing Your Pastor


The Value  of Reverse Accountability


85% of Success is Rooted Here…


Do You Have What it Takes to be a Macro-Leader? 

The Upside and Downside of Long Tenure


Wisdom for Surviving Criticism


The Time has Arrived For #Reachingnextgen

The Main Reason You May Feel Burned Out


Six Ways Leaders Excel Beyond Their Natural Abilities


Is Your Small Group a House Boat or a Fishing Boat? 


Seven Ways Leaders Frustrate Their Followers


Can a Church Be Too Big?


Can You Stump The Summer Slump?



Three Sneaky Things Effective Leaders Do 


Four Characteristics of Effective Leaders


Four Ways to Refresh Your Leadership


More Key Lessons for Those Who Lead From the Middle

Key Lessons for Those Who Lead from the Middle

Four Ways Leaders Kill Momentum


Five Things Every Church Should Do When a Members Stops Attending 




Megaph SP

Four Ways Your Leadership Can Be Improved


Planning SP

How to Get More Done Each Day

Why You Will Get Fired

3 appr SP


Three Approaches Effective Leaders Take To Problem-Solving

Super Bowl Sp

Leadership Lessons form the Super Bowl Contenders 


We got a problem SP

Minimizing Problems 


Measure 2x cut 1 sp

Measure Twice, Cut Once



When a Leader Enters the Room



Three People that Effective Leaders Will Meet with this Year


Creating a Climate for Change



How Effective Leaders Weigh Big Decisions



How Effective Leaders Overcome Flops and Failures



What to do With a Bible Study Leader Who Needs to Step Down- Part 2 of 2 



What To Do With A Bible Study Leader Who Needs To Step Down



Focus on the Mission instead of the Position



Turnover – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly



How Some Leaders Bankrupt Their Influence


What Is Your Title 


Free “Why They Stay” Video Series 


A Subtle Factor That Separates Effective Leaders 


Questions to Ask Before Adding Something New – Part 2



Questions to Ask Before Adding Something New – Part 1




Are You Alarmed?



Vendor SP

Treat Vendors Well


Beg SP

Leaders Never Beg


Am I Coach SP

A Subtle Way Some Leaders Undermine Their Own Credibility



Four Ways to Turn a Good Idea into a Great Idea


Listen in Every Direction



Fuel Spp

Fuel For The Launch of Your Bible Study Groups This Fall



Go  Ahead; Make My Day


Why Sp

Are You Asking Why?



Elevating the Effectiveness of Your Team 



When a Church Service Takes a Turn for the Worse 


Blockbuster SP

Choosing to Change 


Signed So

Do Your Leaders Know The Expectations? 

911 sP

Make the Right Impression 

Quit SP

How to Quit!


Stray SP

“…and why others strayed”



Stand Behind Your Stuff


How You Can Propel Your Influence



Are You Leading or Managing? 


Raising Up Committed Kids 



The Most Unreported Number That Makes The Biggest Difference in Small Groups 

Service SP

Do You Really Understand Service?


[More On] How Grandparents Can Help Grands Connect to Church For Life


What compels people to choose your business or organization over others?


Leadership SP

8 Qualities of Effective Spiritual Leaders


Responding to the Loss of Members


Basketball gymsp

Succeeding with What You Have 



Five Ways Some Churches Increase Attendance Without Really Growing 


Celebrate Lkn

When is the Last Time Your Team Celebrated? 


What about

Reverse Accountability 



No Excuses


Are You competent

Eight reasons competent leaders are sometimes viewed as incompetent. [Part Two]


Eight reasons competent leaders are sometimes viewed as incompetent. [Part One] 


Clock Watch

Are You a Clock Watcher or a Calendar Watcher?


Merry Christmas

Taking a Break 


think 2

Part 2 of Effective Churches Think Differently



Effective Churches Think Differently 


Follow Through

The Necessity of Follow Through



How Grandparents Can help The Grands Connect to Church for Life 



Keys to bringing about change 



Are You Competing?


18-22 year olds

Myths about Ministry to College Age Students 



How to Get the Best Out of Those You Lead


Cross Cult sp

Making Multi-Generational and Cross-Cultural Connections



Stop What You are Doing!



A Good Idea

Why They Stay web 2a

Will Your Children Be Attending Church When They Are Adults? 


plaque church foyer

Are You Setting The Tone? 



Deadly Silence!


country music

Deadly Opinions 


the future

Four Barriers You Must Overcome to Engage a Younger Generation


These Meetings Are Killing Me!!! 


Up arrow

Key Elements in Growing Groups 



Tools Trump Slogans 



Don’t Confuse Motion with Progress


 College Just Ahead

Off To College



Fight the Fat

Fight The Fat


What to do When You Anticipate a Low Attended Sunday




Why Some Leaders Get a Pass When They Make Mistakes



car keys

The Need To Lead (an important message for my senior adult friends)



Open church doors

What To Do If Your Church is Experiencing a Slump?



Need for speed

The Need for Speed




How Effective Churches Follow Up On First Time Guest



Open church doors

What do you do if few or no guests are attending your church or group?



You're Fired small

Firing an Organization


Church in Trouble

My Church Is In Trouble!


Directional Sign

Signs That Alert You That a Congregation Is In Trouble!



Understand Why Some Stay


Babe Ruth Quote

Mission Trumps Position


Tear down the wall

Tear Down the Wall



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