Tools Trump Slogans

Maximized Leadership: Tools Trump Slogans “Attitude is everything!” “Dare to Achieve!” “Just do it!” Statements like these can serve as great rallying points for an organization.  John G. Miller states that “slogans may sound great, but in order to take the organization to higher levels, people don’t need platitudes – they need tools.” Allow me to illustrate this premise with

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Off to College…Out of Church?

Maximized Leadership: Off to College…Out of Church? In John Dickerson’s book The Great Evangelical Recession, you will find a sobering statistic about the students who grew up in your church and graduated in May. If they fit the typical profile of today’s college age young adults, two of the three will be leaving the church. I am writing this article

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What to do When You Anticipate a Low Attended Sunday

What to do When You Anticipate a Low Attended Sunday   Having a large crowd at church can be energizing and having a small crowd can be discouraging to those who have responsibility for preaching on Sunday. It is in no way unspiritual to desire that more people, rather than less, to be present to hear a message from God’s

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