Do You Have What it Takes to be a Macro-Leader?

“There is no future in any job. The future lies in the person who holds the job.” – John Maxwell

Leadership exists on multiple levels. You can lead your family, lead your team, lead a small group, or lead people to go through a buffet line. Leading a larger group or organization calls for a higher level of skill, knowledge, and influence. Some can lead tens, some hundreds, and some thousands. What does it take to provide leadership on a macro level where you are not simply leading hundreds or thousands of people, but providing leadership for multiple teams, multiple organizations, or in the case of denominational work, hundreds and thousands of churches? The difference in helping a church advance and helping hundreds to advance requires different skill sets.

I have been blessed to observe some leaders who are very effective on the “macro” level over the past twenty years. Here are the qualities I find evident in the life of a MacroLeader.

Multi-Level Thinker- The ability to think big, plan big, strategize big, and to inspire leaders to move their group or organization forward.

An Intimate Relationship with God- If you fail at this point you cannot succeed. An intimate relationship with God is the only hope to lead a movement rather than an institution.

Communication Skills- The expectations are higher and the skills must be undergirded with passion.

Relationship Builder- This does not change at any level. It is about people and being personable and developing relationships increases effectiveness.

Overcomes Negativism- Instead of dozens you deal with hundreds… meaning you’re likely to encounter larger amounts of cynicism, negativism, and criticism. Don’t become a cynic yourself!

Long-Term Commitment- You can move a person forward today. Moving multiple groups, organizations, or churches forward can take years and the results are harder to measure. MacroLeaders are in for the long haul.

Experience in a Healthy Church- You cannot likely take people where you have not been yourself.

Ability to Manage Time- The demands pull from multiple directions. You must work hard without neglecting the priority of spiritual growth and healthy family life. You better have a system to manage your time or you will not be effective.

Does What He/She Teaches- No one cares what you did ten years ago. What are you doing now shows that you can be effective on any level. Be a practitioner or else you lose your credibility.

Evolving Expertise- You are viewed as an “expert.” You must stay up-to-date and that means you continue to read, attend seminars, take classes, and do everything possible to continually expand your knowledge base.

Responsiveness- A MacroLeader has a system that ensures calls are returned, emails/texts/letters receive a response, questions are answered, and concerns are addressed in a timely manner. While the resolution make take time, the response is quick. You can use these qualities to evaluate yourself on any level.

You may or may not be a MacroLeader but these qualities can help you grow your leadership no matter what level you lead from at this time. Which area is your weakest? Start there and you will be on the way to maximizing your leadership.