Free “Why They Stay” Video Series

One year ago, Dr. Tom Crites and I were honored to launch the book, Why They Stay. I hope you are well acquainted with this work by now and I must say that we are delighted at how it has been impacting church leaders and parents alike. Just in case you are unacquainted, the book is based on a national research project of 26-39 year olds who grew up attending church. While much has been written about why young adults are leaving the church, Tom and I took a different approach by analyzing why those who grew up and have remained faithful into their adult lives have “stayed.”

The results of the groundbreaking research revealed 15 major issues that church leaders and parents can tap into that magnify the likelihood that their children will remain committed to church into their adult lives. If that is your heart’s desire, I trust that you have read the book or perhaps this has piqued your interest. For those who have read the book, you can help propel the impact of the findings in a couple of ways. Amazon reviews carry a large amount of influence and Tom and I would be very appreciative if you would take a few moments to personally post one. Larger numbers of reviews lead to larger numbers of readers and larger numbers of readers result in more changed lives. Thanks for taking time to do so.

We are also pleased to announce the release of an eight part video teaching series. It consists of eight- thirty minute teaching sessions along with downloadable leader and participant guides. The videos can be used as a ten week (including an introduction and celebration session) Bible study, or in a retreat setting, or a parent conference. Discussion questions are included. Many thanks to Hebron Baptist Church in Dacula, Georgia for embracing this project and funding the professional filming and editing. Did I mention it is free for churches to use? If your church has purchased copies of Why They Stay, you can stream all sessions and download the resources at no charge. This is a great value (about $299) and is our way of giving back and investing in more parents and church leaders in the coming year. Visit to learn more and I hope your church will use these videos with parents and church leaders in the coming months.

For anyone willing to post a formal review on a blog or widely read publication, we would be honored to provide a complimentary copy of the book. Let us know if you or someone you respect would be interested. Researching and writing is one of the ways I seek to maximize my leadership. I hope you are encouraged as I pour into you each week with maximized leadership articles.