Fuel for the Launch of your Bible Study Groups This Fall

First steps are always very important. The way you begin a task can equally generate or drain forthcoming opportunities for momentum. Those who read my blog are likely aware that I have spent many years leading and equipping those who lead Bible study groups. In a local church setting I always set up a major launch in August to get the groups off on the right foot. What is your plan?

The task can be accomplished in a variety of ways. You could plan a major morning, afternoon, or evening of equipping for your leaders. You could bring in a specialist in leading groups to train and inspire your leaders. You could take your leaders to a training event offered by your denomination or a group that specializes in equipping Bible study leaders. You could plan a special morning service that focuses on the attributes of healthy Bible study groups. You could meet one on one with all of your leaders to provide mentoring as tedious as that might be. These ideas are not exhaustive, but to my point, what is your plan?

You have no plan? That is a recipe for ineffectiveness and momentum in your Bible study groups will be next to impossible to generate. Here is one way I can help. Let me help train your leaders. I have written three books that are designed to give your Bible study leaders the tools and skills they need to be effective. It is a trio of books called the “Sunday School That Really….” Series. The word “Sunday School” is used descriptively in this case. No matter what you call your Bible study groups, your leaders will be inspired. The books are:

Sunday School That Really Works which is a 101 introduction to what makes Bible study groups effective.

Sunday School That Really Responds is your 911 guide to tackling the most common leadership emergencies related to the leadership of Bible study groups.

Sunday School That Really Excels is your 411 tour of forty top Bible study ministries from across North America that illustrate how to be effective in almost any situation.

Sunday School That Really Works has been a perpetual best seller for Kregel Publications and on Amazon since it was published in 2010. You would do well to get these books into the hands of your Bible study leaders and directors. You can find them at your preferred on-line retailer, on Kindle, your local Christian bookstore, or if you would like to purchase directly, I am offering the books in a bundle for those who read my blog at the lowest price available since their release. You may purchase in sets of three (one of each, three of any edition, or in multiples of three) for $25 per bundle of three in softcover (The retail value is $45) plus shipping cost. Email me at sparrgbc@yahoo.com and I will get them on the way. It is close to time to launch your Bible study groups. What is your plan?