Give Me A Break

2018 has been some kind of year. I write each week to encourage you and to help you grow as a leader. I live what I write about and the past twelve months have tested me, grown me, humbled me, and challenged me as a leader about as much as any year I can ever remember. I served as the interim Lead Pastor in my home church while simultaneously helping the staff of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board navigate the transition of a beloved twenty-five year plus leader transition out and a new Executive Director transition in. In all these circumstances, my leadership has been tested as I have dealt with change, staff anxiety, staff problems, decisions that have a great impact, and the juggling of multiple responsibilities. This is not a complaint. I have been blessed and I am honored to have these opportunities.


Writing about leadership has helped me so much through the circumstances that I have experienced. I have often leaned on the lessons that I have learned and taught through these articles. I believe that my next year will be equally as challenging if not more so. One thing that I will have to evaluate as my organization goes through a change and my responsibilities evolve will be how I spend my time. Do I continue to write each week? Bi-Weekly? Monthly? Not at all? You can help me with this decision. As I wrap this year up, take a break from writing for the last few weeks of the year, and enjoy the holidays, I would love to hear from you. Do you have any thoughts on the frequency of these articles? Do you have a testimony to share? Please email me your comments at In the meantime, thanks for reading and I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.