How to Get the Best Out of Those You Lead

Here is a small post that can pay huge dividends in your leadership:

Papa John’s Founder, John Schnatter made this observation:

“I’ve always found that people who struggle are hard on others, but those who do well in life are hard on themselves.”

I believe in high expectations. I believe you should expect the best of yourself and of others. I believe those who serve around me should embrace high expectations of themselves and others. When I make a “goof,” I try to own it, correct it, and own up to it. When others make a “goof,” I try to help them correct it and show as much grace as I can. I believe we can get the “best from one another” without being “hard on one another.” I will not suggest that I have perfected the concept but I do acknowledge that when applied it exemplifies and honors Jesus Christ. In order to maximize your leadership, you must be forgiving.

Adapted from Chapter Thirteen of John G. Miller’s Outstanding: 47 Ways to Make Your Organization Exceptional