How to Make Any Event Evangelistic

How can a church make any event evangelistic? One thing you will learn in the next video is that no event is inherently evangelistic, but practically anything a church does can be used as a tool for evangelism. This video is one you will want church leaders to view on the front end of any effort to reach kids, teens, and even adults with the gospel. It is one of the longer videos at eighteen and a half minutes but is critical to the process of implementing Strategic Actions. View it for yourself and you will be reminded and motivated to make any event more evangelistic. This is the final video, number six (6) of six (6) in this series.


We have spent several weeks speaking specifically to church leaders. If you are not in a church setting you will still glean important leadership lessons when you view this video. I hope you will share it with church leaders. You can view all the videos at  Thanks for joining me on this journey for the past six weeks and I hope you will join me as we partner with churches in an effort to be more effective in reaching the next generation.