Involving an Entire Congregation in Reaching the Next Generation

How can you get an entire congregation focused on reaching the next generation? Our journey continues as I submit to you video number four (4) of six (6) which addresses the third phase of a church strategy and gets the entire congregation involved. It has been piloted in several churches and here are samples of what pastors had to say.

Since we started this on the second Sunday in June, we have not experienced a summer slump in our children’s and youth attendance for more than a week.  Le G.

Very visual! Great way to keep the needs and opportunities before the people!  Fred L.

Thank you for helping us to open up our eyes and our hearts with more focus on those under the age of 19 in our church.  Larry E.

Each Sunday was uniquely special, but this past Sunday with me simply giving an analysis of where we are currently and a challenge for where we need to be was incredible.  The altar filled with people coming forward to pray and to commit to an anything-necessary kind of strategy. Tim J.

Watch this four-and-a-half-minute video to learn a simple strategy called Seven Sunday’s of Focus. I challenge you to do this in your church. Be sure your congregation leaders watch this video. You can view all the videos at Thanks for reaching out to the next generation. Here you go…