Make the Right Impression

The way you represent your organization is very important. Please take time to read this post I recently sent to our staff and apply what I share with your organization.

“9-1-1. Hold please.”
“Excuse me?”
“This is the 9-1-1 operator and I have other calls would you please hold?”
“I’ve got an emergency”
“Do you think you’re the only one. Hold tight and I get back to you when I can.”

That is not the conversation you want to have when you dial 9-1-1. Is it likely to happen? Probably not. However, when you talk on the phone or in person to representatives of a business, an organization, or a church, nothing is more frustrating than to be talked down to, patronized, belittled, or treated as if they have more important things to do. Here is the challenge. Whenever you speak to someone outside of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board (Offices), the person you are speaking with or the audience you are speaking in front of sees you as “the Georgia Baptist Mission Board.” If you are courteous, they see the whole ministry as courteous.” If you are rude, they see whole ministry as rude. If you are interesting in your presentation, they see the Mission Board as an organization of skilled presenters. If you make a boring presentation, they see Mission Board as irrelevant. Does that make sense? People often base their total view of “the Georgia Baptist Mission Board” on their phone conversation with you…or the sermon you preach… or the wisdom you share in a consultation.

On one hand, that is a lot of pressure. On the other hand, that is a great opportunity. Rod Blunck says “Courtesy is free; extending pleasant words costs us nothing. So why not freely give it away?” Here is the bottom line; Your tone matters when you speak. You are an ambassador for Jesus Christ first and foremost. Be respectful, responsive, engaging, encouraging, prepared, flexible. You have experienced it on the other side. Perhaps you have been turned off by a business because of the way you were treated. On the other hand a business may have made a mistake, but handled it so graciously that you are a devoted customer. Set the right tone whenever you speak as an employee of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board. While it is technically true that the Georgia Baptist Mission Board is actually a partnership of churches, most people get their impression and draw their conclusions about us based on interactions that they have with us. I pray that we will interact with church leaders and members in such a way that they consider the Georgia Baptist Mission Board to be “Outstanding.”