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Hebron Baptist Church “Why They Stay”

“Why They Stay” for church leaders –Part one

“Why They Stay” for church leaders –Part two

“Be Contagious”

“8 Qualities of Effective Spiritual Leaders”

Georgia Baptist Mission Board on Vimeo.

WTS Podcast

Listen to a radio show/podcast called “Network” hosted by Scott Smith of Evangelism Ministries of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board interviewing Steve Parr about the book published along with co-author Tom Crites called “Whey They Stay.” Great insight on keeping kids connected to church for a lifetime.

Check out Collegiate Collective’s Interview of Dr. Steve Parr and his latest book, Why They Stay.

Why They Stay Collegiate

Hear Steve’s message that highlights the research on his book “Why They Stay.” This is a study of those who grow up in church and “stay!” Watch for the book this coming October.  Steve’s Message

Listen in as Steve is interviewed in depth on the subject of “Keeping Teens From Graduating From God.” You will want to share this with parents and youth leaders.  Understand Why Some Stay Podcast

Hear Steve discuss “Baby Dedications” with his grandson Luke:


Coffee Shop That Changed a Church; Book Trailer: 

Sermon: Every Giant Has a Brother:

Hear Steve’s Message on “Life Changing Small Groups.”

Kingdom Generosity Video:

Barriers to Evangelism Video:

Sunday School That Really Responds interview with Mike Taylor:

A great training tool for a Sunday School that Really Excels with Tim Smith:

Variety of podcasts featuring Steve Parr & Georgia Evangelism Team: Click here

Webinar: Six webinars on leading your church to be more effective in evangelism. Click here


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