Strategic Actions for Reaching the Next Generation

What is strategy? It is the development and implementation of specific actions designed to achieve an objective. You will not achieve what you do not implement. You will not implement what you do not develop or plan. This is one of my favorite times of the year because of my love of football. Can you imagine how a team would do if they did not develop or implement a plan to move the ball down the field and score points? The chances of victory apart from strategy are between low and zero.

As we consider the objective of making disciples of kids and teens in an effort to reach the next generation, we must take time to think about strategy. Strategic development cannot be done apart from the leading of the Holy Spirit and prayer. Sadly, there are congregations who have no design or desire to reach the next generation. There are others who genuinely care but do not take the time to be purposeful in reaching teens and kids. Strategy is not unspiritual, but is purposeful and should be done prayerfully under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

Admittedly, some churches do not need our help with strategy. But, most do. It is evident from the erosion taking place in churches among kids, teens, and young adults. The #reachingnextgen initiative, are plans that can be implemented by any size church, in any location, with any size budget. The key is leadership. Someone must step up and lead the way. Someone must help congregational leaders develop and implement a strategy. Take a moment to view video number five (5) of six (6) in this series as we introduce Strategic Plan Review. It is three minutes long and you will want to sample some of the videos that lay out the strategic action plans under the Kids, Teens, and Young Adult tabs.

I hope you will take the initiative to call forth leaders and to help them understand and implement strategic actions. You can view all the videos at Thanks for taking this journey as we challenge churches to reach the next generation. Here you go…