Taking a Break

I enjoy my work. I heard a pastor say last week that an effective leader always looks forward to going to work and looks forward to going home. That encouraged me because I can honestly say that I always look forward to both. When it comes to work I also look forward to taking a break. Whether you are in a meeting, at a desk, working with your hands, or whatever the work may be, it is always refreshing to “take a break.” Add some refreshments and an appropriate amount of rest and I am ready to get back to work thanks to the break. I am blessed that I will be taking a break for the Christmas holidays by the time you read this.


It does not mean that I will not work but it means I will work more leisurely and just as needed each day. I will preach each Sunday, respond to emails or calls, and invest in some ministry opportunities that the Christmas Holidays naturally bring forth. But all in all, I will take a break. I have a new grandson who is only three months old that I have not seen in six weeks. I can’t wait to see him on Christmas day!  I have a family gathering that night that will afford me an opportunity to share Jesus with family who need to know Him and some who need to know Him better. Pray for me. Therefore, no leadership posts or blogs until January 11th. But I do trust that each one that I write encourages you, sharpens your leadership skills, and makes you better at what you are called to do. For those who read what I write, I am amazed and honestly very appreciative. Thank You! And I hope that in the next couple of weeks you get to “take a break” I have no doubt you have earned it.


Merry Christmas!