The First Step a Church Takes to Reach The Next Generation

Where do you begin? What would you say the average age of those who attended your worship service Sunday would have been? You would do well to have all present, members included, fill out a guest registration card with one simple piece of information on Sunday. Ask them to simply write their actual age. No names needed for this exercise. Don’t forget to survey those in the children’s and preschool areas if they are not in the service. How do the age demographics of your church compare to the age demographics of your community?

I have been in churches where the average age was well over fifty. Does your church have a growing number of teens? Children? Young Adults? If not, then you are not engaged in reaching the next generation. Psalm 71:18 provides every generation with this challenge;

Now also when I am old and gray headed,

O God, do not forsake me,

Until I declare Your strength to this generation,

Your power to everyone who is to come.

While this week’s video is just over two minutes long, it serves as the critical starting point, no matter when a church begins to consider engagement. Two immediate challenges are included and while the first point is simple, it is crucial. You can view all of the videos at Here is the second in a six week series to help you maximize your leadership.