The Main Reason You May Feel Burned Out

Dear fellow leaders and workers;

Since you work so hard accomplishing your tasks day by day, I thought you might appreciate a little humor to launch your week.  Did you know…

The population of the United States now stands at 326 million. One hundred and fourteen million are over 60 years of age, which leaves 212 million to do most of the work. People under 20 years of age total 140 million, which leaves 72 million to do most of the work. Thirty-two million are employed by the government which leaves about 40 million to do most of the work. Almost two million serve in our Armed Forces leaving 38 million to do most of the work.

Deduct about 22 million who work in state and city government offices and that leaves 16 million to do most of the work. Currently there are 2,220,000 people in jails and prisons leaving 13,780,000 people doing most of the work. There are over four million people who are hospitalized or severely ill leaving only 9,780,000 to do most of the work.

Another 9,768,000 are on disability bringing the available workforce down to only about 12,000. Of those remaining there are at least 11,998 currently taking a nap. That tells us that most of the work is up to you and me and please help me because I am getting tired of doing everything myself.

Adapted from chapter one of Developing The Leaders Around You by John Maxwell.