The Power of First Steps

There are two critical mistakes that parents make in the transference of faith to their children. The first is to impose faith in such a way that the child grows up with a false sense of assurance because they have never genuinely embraced faith in a personal way but rely on what their parents did or rituals their parent’s took them through. The second mistake is to have a mindset that “the child can decide for themselves about religion and faith” and to back away from clear guidance. Where is the balance? How can a parent lead in such a way that the child’s heart is open to personal faith in Jesus Christ without imposing or neglecting it?

About a month ago I shared a video called “The Driver of a Sticky Faith.” Today I want to invite you to view the second of eight videos that I am spreading out over the months where I personally address parents about helping their children develop a faith that grows throughout their lives. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or an adult who loves teens and kids, this presentation will be of great value to you. Whoever you are and whatever you do, I can assure you that viewing this thirty minute video is another way to maximize your leadership! I hope you will share with others.

You can view more right now under the “why they stay” tab at

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