What is Your Title?

Specialist, Consultant, Vice-President, Executive, Doctor, Reverend, Professor, Captain, Chairman, Director…. Pretty impressive, huh? Not really. Having a title does not make one a leader and an effective leader does not get caught up in titles. We all know someone with an impressive title who has little influence and fails to be effective. Titles are not a bad thing and there is nothing wrong with having a title. However, John G. Miller reminds us that “in truly outstanding organizations, it’s not titles that matter, but how well we perform and serve.”

That is actually good news. You can be effective and make a difference from whatever seat in the organization that you are assigned. Perhaps you desire more authority, more “say so,” or more leverage. What can you do? You can serve others, add value to others, and enhance the effectiveness of others from any seat in the organization. Did you notice the pattern in the preceding sentence? Focus on helping others and not only will the organization be more effective, but you will be highly regarded. It is more important to be “highly regarded” by your peers and constituents than to have a title. This attitude is actually consistent with the greatest commandment. Do you recall? The short version; first love God with all your heart and secondly love (care for) your neighbor (co-workers and constituents) as you love (care for) yourself. You may not have the most impressive title or any formal authority, but you sure will make an impression. That is the way you maximize your leadership!

Adapted from Chapter Forty-Five of John G. Millers’ Outstanding; 47 Ways to Make Your Organization Exceptional