Why You Will Get Fired

Have you ever walked along minding your own business only to be unsuspectingly stung by a bee or a wasp? Ouch! Getting surprised with a sudden sting is one thing, but why would you knowingly put your hand on a bee’s nest? Getting stung by the loss of a job is an unpleasant experience no matter what the circumstances. We all know people who lost jobs and appear to have been treated unjustly. In the world of church leadership I have seen pastors lose ministry positions for doing what I perceived to be undeserved reasons. Sadly, some pastor’s lose their jobs for doing the right thing. In addition, you probably have acquaintance with friends who lost jobs because of layoffs due to budget reductions. Those types of things are out of one’s control and you can only trust your competence and personal faith to overcome these types of losses.

Sadly, others lose jobs because of mistakes that get them into hot water with their employers. Can you minimize the possibility of losing a position? You can when you understand five of the top six reasons employers elect to part ways with employees. According to Robert Half International, a San Francisco based consulting firm, the top reasons people get fired are as follows:

  • 30% for incompetence
  • 17% because of inability to get along with team members
  • 12% because of dishonesty or lying
  • 10% because of negative attitudes
  • 7% because of lack of motivation
  • 7% because of insubordination (failing to follow instructions)
  • 8% for all other reasons.

John Maxwell rightly points out that “although incompetence ranked first on the list, the next five were all attitude problems.” Attitude is everything to an effective leader. Maximizing leadership takes place when you purposefully tune your attitude by being authentic, exercising good people skills, having positive expectations, expressing passion, and being a team player. While a person with a good attitude can get stung it will not be because they foolishly put their hand on a bee’s nest. How do those around you view your attitude. Always be attentive to it and you will maximize your leadership!

Adapted in part from chapter six of Developing The Leader Within You by John Maxwell.