Will Your Children Be Attending Church When They Are Adults?

Maximized Leadership: Will Your Children Be Attending Church When They Are Adults?

I love to talk about leadership and get great joy in helping people to progress in their skills. If you ever doubt that you possess leadership responsibilities you need only look to your children to realize that you certainly do. Leadership is essentially the ability to influence others and the impact we have on our own children is perhaps the most important test we will ever face in this regard. Did you know that the church is losing two of every three students who grow up attending church? That is a shocking and troubling trend of our day. I am not satisfied with that and I trust that you are troubled by it also. Do you want your children, and the children who grow up in your church, to be attending when they are adults? If so, Why They Stay can help.

Tom Crites and I have been on a journey as we conducted a national research project to determine why those who grew up in church have remained faithful. Instead of observing why many have left, we studied why those who remained committed have stayed. The results have been powerful. We desire to see a movement among parents, students, and church leaders who will commit to do everything possible to help the next generation to not only come to faith in Jesus, but to be devoted to serve for a lifetime. I hope you will be a part of the movement. Would you take a few moments to consider the following?

Watch this two minute video that highlights the forthcoming book, Why They Stay. Click Here

What you will learn from this research is applicable and can strengthen your skills as a parent and as a church leader. The book is now available on Amazon (link) as other online retailers, on kindle and will soon be available for as an audible download.  It was due for release on October 1st but has already cracked the bestseller list on Amazon. I hope you will get your hands on a copy. Would you prefer a complimentary copy? I invite you to join our team and allow us to send your copy for free. Go here to discover how. Join the Team.

One last thing. If you would be kind enough to post or repost, you may touch lives such as the couple in Dalton, Georgia whose marriage was literally saved after their exposure to this information. I pray that your children and the students in your church will be impacted by this movement!